Word Cookies

The author and editors are fans of very dedicated word games. (I play WordCookies once a week - a relatively short frequency that can only refer to a bit of practice.) An old reader knows the features of Jerk but they are fun. Here is  the most fun and interesting game I have every played. The most popular games are children's editions, available in many analog and digital formats.

Note: There are site where you can find all answers for word cookies. The are even available with the picture of each and every levels. Try it only when you have not able to find the answers. If you don't want to spoil the fun on playing this game, you better try it on your own.

Word cookies are an excellent game for a single player, a set of letters consisting of many words. The commands are simple: rub your finger with the letters of the tank to form words. When you are in the mood to do something else, you always feel the symptoms you are feeling.

Use coins, but you can buy coins that can be traded to eliminate the value of the signals, or $ 1.99 once. The idea is to have a standard presence of witness words, usually playing on the floor, where they usually do not interfere with the banners with their groups.

Like notes, this number is assigned to different alphabets. However, you only have a constant number of changes before the letters expire and freeze. Once they are installed, there is a way to continue, so give priority to the smallest place.

This is the word quiz against you beautiful background. Slide your finger to create a letter at the top of the line, just like a railroad crossing. Tiles can be easily detected by crossing each other.

If you have a new puzzle, you will be rewarded with broken corners. You may find that they are not part of the puzzle to gain signs that are transferred to the place. More than a game it also helps you to develop your vocabulary.